Boys Soccer: South Salem defeats Cleveland 4-2


By Anna Rollins, Reporter

Cleveland’s varsity soccer team (1-2-0) gave their all against the South Salem Saxons (4-0-0) Thursday, Sept. 10 but were unable to pull through, losing 4-2.

In the ninth minute, seniors Stellan Roberts and Jorge Flores connected with sophomore Loic Baures in order to produce a mind-boggling goal. Roberts dribbled the ball down the center of the field, fending off the Saxons as he flew. He made a direct pass to Flores, who received the ball, found Baures and crossed it to him. Baures executed a beauty.

Midway through the second half, Baures found a hole in the Saxons and moved up field with a defender trailing him. It was Baures and the goalie, one on one. Salem’s goalie dived right and Baures shot left. It was the Warriors’ final goal of the night.

Junior Lewis Nolf had an optimistic look on the game. “I thought we played good despite that we lost,” said Nolf. “If anything, we could have moved the ball quicker, I think we could have slowed down their attack, if we had a choice about that.”

It was a touchy game. The Warriors played a tough match, but were unable to stop South Salem on multiple occasions. The Saxons’ Armando Lopez Ruiz scored off a penalty kick in the first minute and broke away in the 42nd minute scoring his second goal of the night. Other goals from South Salem were scored by Jonah Henderson and Alex Fernandez.