Tastebuds: Thai Lahnna


By Eva Bryner, Copy Editor

To start, you have to know that I am a Thai food addict. I have a deep, undying love for Thai food. So, my obvious choice for Tastebuds this issue was going to be a Thai restaurant. Now, we all know that Portland has a severe lack of good eating out food- our pizza is lacking when compared to anywhere else, and the one Chinese restaurant I knew closed about a year ago. But when it comes to Thai food, we take the cake. And one specific restaurant that does it for me is Thai Lahnna in Sellwood.

Walking into Thai Lahnna on a Tuesday evening, it was the opposite of packed. In fact, my friends and I were the only ones there. The decor is warm, and the walls are shrouded in fairy lights and beautiful scenery paintings. The staff is all extremely kind and add to the warm environment a restaurant so desperately requires. The menu is filled with options, and I decided to stick with the classics. I ordered the Pad See Ew with chicken, and a mango juice. I was pleasantly surprised when our food was done no less than 10 minutes later. The mango juice came in a tall, slender glass and was ah-freaking-mazing. And letting my inner Thai addict speak, I have had a lot of Pad See Ew, but Thai Lahnna may be some of the best. Everything was expertly flavored, and what they may lack in presentation, they made up for in pure deliciousness! The price was pretty cheap; I only paid $13 for all of it, and it was money well spent.

Overall, if you are looking for fast service and guaranteed delicious food, Thai Lahnna is your answer. And, as an added bonus they support the Warriors (according to the sticker on their door). You can never go wrong with Thai food, especially when you know where to go, and now you do! So, take this wisdom and enjoy your meal!