Reality TV – Best to Worst


Clarion photo Sean Lee

We decided to rate some of the best and cheesiest reality TV shows, especially ones that were binged during quarantine. We took into consideration how easy it was to binge the show, the amount of drama, and the characters. After watching, we rated them and picked the best and worst from the bunch, with one being the best and ten being the worst. If you end up watching any of these shows we hope you enjoy them!

Bachelor in Paradise (8/10)
Too Hot to Handle (7/10)
Love Island (7/10)
Dance Moms (6/10)
KUWTK (5/10)
Bachelor/ Bachelorette (4/10)
Fboy Island (4/10)
The Circle (4/10)
Love is Blind (3/10)
Jersey Shore (2/10)