Moving Forward

What needs to happen next to improve accessibility for everyone

March 28, 2017

As the 2012 bond reaches its conclusion in 2020, it’s vital that people continue to expand their knowledge and advocate for accessibility in the community. “It’s easy to forget,” said Trask. “It’s really easy for us to walk up and down stairs and we don’t really notice it.” Trask also stressed the importance of being considerate of others when it comes to accessibility; avoid blocking accessible entrances, parking in disabled spaces, or sitting in front of the elevator.

Recently the PPS Board voted to refer a new bond to the May ballot. This health, safety, and modernization bond would continue the work of the 2012 bond to modernize all schools in the district.

“We’re all working— we have a beautiful old city— but it has a legacy of not having any ADA considerations incorporated into the design,” said Mayne. “That’s a part of a long range plan, over a 30-year period we’re going to upgrade and rebuild all of our schools to bring them all up to modern standards both for ADA and seismic and health and safety as well as making them more functional for 21st Century learning.”

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