Ad Contest For Warrior Update

In case you haven’t noticed, the Clarion has started producing a video version of the Cleveland High School bulletin. It’s called the Warrior Update, and it is hosted by Jennifer Singh and Finn Kemper.

Well, like any new production, we saw a need for promotional videos to enlighten teachers who might not show the bulletin during second and sixth period and can see how easy it is to show it. Other benefits include the fact that it doesn’t take that long and will not interrupt much class time for learning. But students don’t have to wait for teachers to show it, by hosting it on the website, students can access it as easily as anything else.

So, Mr. Sorensen’s digital media class came up with promotional videos. In the spirit of good, fun competition, and a little extra publicity, we have their work here.

Vote for your favorite in the links.

  1. Metamorphosis 1


2.  Time Capsule



3.  I’m calling security!


4.  Metamorphosis 2

 5) We Have the News



6) Wait, there’s More



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Ad Contest For Warrior Update