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Cleveland Auction’s Bond Theme goes P.G.

February 22, 2017

Introducing Cleveland’s PTA auction: Live & Let Bid: An Evening of James Bond--but wait, women...

A Preview of this Year’s I.B. Extended Essays

By Caroline Diamond, Copy editor

February 18, 2017

The infamous Extended Essay: finally coming to a close. Full I.B. students have spent a year and a half crafting 4,000 word essays that explore a topic of their interest. On Feb. 22, the culminating presentation will occur, in which all full I.B. students will discuss their work with an audience of parents and students. The fo...

Cleveland Students Prepare to Vote

Cleveland Students Prepare to Vote

November 4, 2016

Cleveland  is known district wide as an incredibly liberal school, both in practice, and especially in ...

Image provide by Lauryn Ruegg.

Cleveland’s International Athlete: Lauryn Ruegg

September 20, 2016

El Volcan: an isolated community of 400 people situated among the mountains of Nicaragua, and the destinati...

It is time to end period shame

By Caroline Diamond, Reporter

May 9, 2016

Anne Dierker and her Women in History class recently embarked on a new project surrounding girls’ menstrual cycles that will help to end period shame and create more accessible resources. With the words, “We’re all period pals at this school” in mind, Dierker requested the woodshop class to make multiple small bo...

English language learners compete in speech and debate

By Caroline Diamond, Reporter

November 17, 2015

Imagine your first Speech and Debate tournament for Cleveland. You're in a room, surrounded by judges and peers. Hands shaking, you stand up and begin reading a story that you’ve carefully selected. Your tongue twists around unfamiliar words, and you realize how nervous you actually are. And then you remember, English isn...

A choir restricted from performing at The Grotto

By Caroline Diamond, Reporter

November 17, 2015

After nearly 30 years of dedicated performance, Cleveland’s choirs, along with those of many other PPS schools, have been forbidden from singing at the Grotto’s annual Festival of Lights due to blurred lines between church and state. The Grotto is a shrine located in NE Portland. It represents a place of Catholic wor...

Michelle Obama’s new initiative: Let Girls Learn

By Caroline Diamond, Reporter

November 17, 2015

Sixty-two million girls around the world are not in school and are not receiving educational opportunities due to oppressive societies and cultural biases. On Mar. 3, 2015, First Lady Michelle Obama announced her new initiative Let Girls Learn, with the support of President Barack Obama.   As of 2012, every developing ...

Where are they now?: AVID students of 2015 discuss college

By Caroline Diamond, Reporter

October 26, 2015

Cleveland's hardworking AVID students continue striving to be their greatest selves in college, while others finish out their high school career and make brave plans for the future. AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a global non-profit program that helps prepare all students for college and postsecondar...

Mr. Miles’ Journey From Teacher to Vice Principal

By Caroline Diamond, Reporter

October 19, 2015

This fall, Darryl Miles made the journey from reputable English teacher to trusted vice principal, continuing a career arc that has seen him serve in the armed forces and private business. Prior to college, he served in the Navy for 20 years and traveled around the world three times. After his service, Miles worked in pri...

Radical Approach to new Epic Issues class

By Caroline Diamond, Reporter

September 28, 2015

Epic Issues Seminar Class: It’s not Speech and Debate. Epic Issues, a discussion based class that takes a radical approach towards students' ideas and questions, has been reintroduced to Cleveland. Currently, Epic Issues is an elective taught by Lynne Allers during third and fourth period. Fourteen years ago this course ...

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