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The student-run newspaper of Cleveland High School


The student-run newspaper of Cleveland High School


The student-run newspaper of Cleveland High School


Clarion Ad Info

The Clarion

Advertising Rates and Schedule (2022-23)

Cleveland High School, Portland. Oregon


Choose from the many options:

We have online advertising and print advertising options. (All sizes: Width x Height)


Online Advertising

Option 1: Leaderboard: (250 by 90 pixels) 

  • $20 / month OR  Special Rate:  $50 For Six Months Through June 30, 2023


Option 2: Widget: 250 pixels by 300 pixels $25 / month

  • 25 / Month OR Special Rate: $60 For Six Months Through June 30, 2023


Print Advertising:


Three Column Grid


Size.                           Horizontal                          Vertical                  Cost

      17.5 inches       6.5 by 2.7                            3.25 by 5.5             52

     35 inches          6.5 by 5.35                         3.25 by 10.4           105

½     52 inches          10.125 by 5.125                 6.5 by 8                  156

      70 inches         10.125 by 7                        6.5 by 10.4             210

Full 105 inches         10.125 by 10.4                                                   315


Two Column Grid


Size                             Horizontal                         Vertical                  Cost


⅛     13.125 inches   5 by 2.6                              2.5 by 5.25             39

¼     26.25 inches    5 by 5.25                            2.5 by 10.4 78.      50

½     52 inches          10.125 by 5.25                  5 by 10.4                156

¾     78.75 inches     10.125 by 7.7                                                    235

Full  105 inches         10.125 by 10.4                                                315


Special Clarion Offer:

Purchase an ad ¼ size or bigger for more than one issue and receive a free online ad for the rest of the year.


Publication Schedule: 

1)Fall Issue: Advertisement Deadline: Nov. 7 Publication Date: Nov. 21

2)Winter Issue: Advertisement Deadline: Feb. 27 Publication Date: March 10

3)Spring Issue: Advertisement Deadline: May 8 Publication Date: May 22


Contact Information:

Cleveland High School/ 3400 SE 26th Ave./ Portland OR, 97202/ attn.: Clarion or email to [email protected]

phone 503-916-5120  x75103 /  fax 503-916-2692


Must read fine print:

We reserve the right to refuse advertising based on school policy. If you are unsatisfied with our service, quality or professionalism, please feel free to write or call to the above numbers or addresses or call the main office at 503-916-5120. Let us know if you would like free copies of the newspaper for your business. We must have a contract before running the ad. Please adhere to our deadlines.Thank you for your interest and support. We support most formats.

We can make an ad for you. You have two options for online ad sizes and you must choose one of the standard sizes on the contract. Online ads run from the date of purchase to June 30 – or unless otherwise directed. We offer payment structure, but must have one full issue payment to initiate contract. We will provide customer copy of contract. 


Ad Contract

Clarion (2022-23)

Grover Cleveland High School’s newspaper

 Phone: 503-916-5120 (Andy Sorensen)                 e-mail: [email protected]


 Business Name: ­­­­­­      ________________________________________________________________


Address:      ________________________________________________________________




Contact Name:  __________________________________ phone: ________________________


e-mail: ___________________________________________________________________________



Print Ad: 

Grid Option and Ad Size: (See Ad rate sheet: Width by Height in inches)

_______________________________________________Total Cost: ___________ 

Customer will provide ad on or before ad deadline date. Send to [email protected]


Online Ad

Size: If applicable, choose between Widget (300 x 250 pixels) or Leaderboard small (250 x 90 pixels)

Customer chooses ______________________________as its online ad size. 

Ad Duration: _______________________________ / Total Cost: ___________

Customer understands that online ad will run online at through June 30, 2023.  


Total Cost of Ad Package (print and online ads) ______________________


Clarion ad rep signature: __________________________________date: ______


Client signature: _________________________________________date: ______


Please make checks payable to: Cleveland High School  c/o Clarion

School Pay Link

Cleveland High School

3400 SE 26th Ave.

Portland OR 97202

Billing questions: Contact Adviser Andy Sorensen ([email protected])

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