A Special Sense of Smell that Saves Lives

By Sam Linder, Reporter

May 18, 2018

In 2016, the number of positive patients that had been incorrectly pronounced healthy by their clinics, but were correctly identified by the HeroRATs, surpassed 10,000.

Veganism: Good for You and Good for the World

By Ally Grimaldi, Editor-in-Chief

January 16, 2017

Since the dawn of its fame in the public eye, veganism has always borne a misunderstood reputation. Vegans are alleged as judgmental kale-eaters, eager to jump down the throat of every omnivore in sight and inspect whatever is inside of their stomach. Not only is this stereotype appallingly false, it also does not account for th...

Human Sexuality and Healthy Relationships: A new in-depth curriculum

By Lainie Pennington, Reporter

October 9, 2016

Human sexuality and healthy relationships, one of the several new health electives this year, plans to offer a more in-depth view of sexual and emotional health for students. Following the decision to make health class a single semester course spread between freshman and sophomore year, the administration approached several tea...

Senior Kira Rea and Grace Benefiel have a laugh in the halls of CHS

Give the great gift of laughter this holiday season

December 9, 2015

One of the best presents you can get someone this holiday season is priceless, accessible, and a gift to yours...

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