The Current Conversation on Sexual Assault

By Mirabella Miller, Reporter

February 27, 2018

On Jan. 13, Babe Magazine published an article in which a woman, whose name had been changed to Grace to protect her privacy, detailed being sexually assaulted by actor and comedian Aziz Ansari. In the days and weeks that followed, a number of media outlets were quick to denounce her experience as “a bad date” or an “unc...

Sexual Assault: It’s Not a New Issue, It’s an Ignored One

By Allie Montgomery, Sports Editor and Social Media Editor

January 11, 2018

Sexual harassment: this is a topic that has been spreading like a virus on media outlets all over the nation. These stories are inescapable and are treated like a new problem. However, for one in six women and one in 33 men, the long silence was deafening. If you haven’t been paying attention to the news for the last couple of...

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