PPS Protects Undocumented Students in Latest Resolution

By Sophie Weir, Reporter

December 4, 2016

PPS has long prided itself on being an all-inclusive, safe space for students of every race, gender, orientation, and religion. That’s why, on Nov. 17, its board of education unanimously passed a resolution banning Immigration Control Enforcement (ICE) officers from freely entering school grounds. This momentous vote will guaran...

Homecoming Dance Postponed Due to Safety Concerns

Homecoming Dance Postponed Due to Safety Concerns

September 30, 2016

Clarion photo Ashley Lytle The Cleveland Homecoming dance is no longer: Postponed until a later date, the dec...

A student crosses the street at the location of the proposed sidewalk

A new crosswalk may be right around the corner

December 9, 2015

Recent collisions and speedy traffic on Powell and 26th have caused parents and administrators to worry...

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