The Environmental Impact Caused by the Eagle Creek Fire

By Kira Chan, Copy Editor

November 23, 2017

The Eagle Creek Fire continues to burn intensely in the Columbia River Gorge; while luckily no human lives were lost, the event took an immense toll on the environment, and the future of the Gorge is still uncertain. As of Sept. 22, the fire burned 48,600 acres and was 46 percent contained. The fire began on Sept. 2 when fireworks wer...

S.A.R: Saving Lives in the Path of the Blaze

By Sophie Weir and Scotty Douglass

October 12, 2017

The Willamette Valley suffered eerie and unsettling conditions during the week of Sept. 2. A blood red sun sat above Portland, while ash floated down from a dreary gray sky like toxic snow. This almost apocalyptic scene was a direct result of the Eagle Creek Fire, burning at the gateway to the city and torching Oregon’s tr...

Cleveland Students Excel in Search and Rescue

Cleveland Students Excel in Search and Rescue

October 13, 2016

A small group of Cleveland students have taken on a new challenge that they hope to share throughout ...

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