Sexual Assault: It’s Not a New Issue, It’s an Ignored One

By Allie Montgomery, Sports Editor and Social Media Editor

January 11, 2018

Sexual harassment: this is a topic that has been spreading like a virus on media outlets all over the nation. These stories are inescapable and are treated like a new problem. However, for one in six women and one in 33 men, the long silence was deafening. If you haven’t been paying attention to the news for the last couple of...

Racial Affinity Clubs: Women’s Voice on Race

By Caroline Diamond, Editor-in-Chief

December 12, 2017

“My name is Paris Davis and the race I identify with is Mixed. I am Larae Ellenwood and I am Native American from the Nez Perce, Black Feet and Seneca tribes. I am Nia Williamson and I identify as Taiwanese and Native American, from the Nez Perce tribe. I am Carolina Gomez and I identify as Latina and Hispanic. I’m Eric...

Reflecting on the Women’s March

By Eva Bryner, Arts Editor

February 17, 2017

On Jan. 21, an estimated five million people worldwide marched in support of women's rights and in protest of the election and inauguration of Donald J. Trump. This march showed solidarity around the world, and was an extremely powerful event. However, like any movement, it has its good and bad aspects. Before I begin this c...

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