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The Club Fair Recruits

December 5

Cleveland’s 2016 annual club fair did not disappoint with more than 40 clubs that put their organiz...

CHS Students: Post-Election Reactions

November 21

Cleveland students react to the 2016 presidential election as well as elections across the U.S.  

Why did CHS students and teachers wear black?

November 17

Cleveland High School students demonstrate displeasure with new presidential elect Donald Trump by wearing...

CHS Students Against Trump

November 10

Cleveland students explain the first words that come to mind when they think of Donald Trump and the...

Cleveland Choir: Harvest Festival 2016

October 24

Cleveland's choir program held their first concert of the year on Oct. 20, 2016. Performances included...

Springtasia 2016: The best show of the year

May 27

Thursday, May 26th and Friday, May 27th the Cleveland choir program put on their annual spring concert:...

2016 Spring Band Concert: A show full of immense talent

May 24

The Cleveland band program hosted their spring band concert featuring three of the four band classes...

HOK Handmade

By Lina Clark, Reporter

February 23

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February 18

Cleveland students take a guess at the definition of the mysterious word clarion and then get an an...

100 Warriors: Siana Ramos, Senior

January 19

Crund, queen, lioness, angel, sweethead, honeynut, pineapple cake: this is the language of Siana Ramos. One o...

Graduate Ben Grayzel’s newest marijuana documentary features Cleveland

January 13

Cleveland graduate and aspiring filmmaker Ben Grayzel, creator of the Cleveland High marijuana docume...

Behind the scenes: Homecoming hall decorations, a Cleveland tradition

Behind the scenes: Homecoming hall decorations, a Cleveland tradition

November 13 Reporters Lina Clark and Anna Rollins capture all of the...

The student-run newspaper of Cleveland High School