The end of an amazing experience: Matteo Pozza

Clarion photo Anna Suydam
Commentary team photo saying farewell to Matteo Pozza and the end of the semester

The end of an amazing experience

Wow, so this is it. I can’t believe that my semester here at Cleveland is already over.

Throughout my stay here and in the US I believe I’ve improved a lot of my personal traits. I came here with the willingness to take on a very difficult challenge: to settle in a new context and to improve as a person and change some of my personal traits that needed to be improved.

For example, I arrived as a shy and not very self-confident person with some insecurities that prevented me from socialising with new people easily. After these six months I leave Portland as a completely different person, aware of my qualities and capabilities and with much more self confidence. I also became a much more outgoing person, learning to just shoot my shots in life, and not be afraid of being rejected or not making it.

My very pleasant stay at Cleveland has to be attributed to a lot of people I met here, who since the first day, have helped me settle in this new context. I believe that I owe a lot to these people because they allowed me to conquer my fears and become a better person.

Most importantly, my host family has really allowed me to enjoy my stay. They have made me feel like I was at home since the very first day. They really have been like a family for me and helped me through my difficult moments, too. I believe that the bond I created with them is one that will last throughout my whole life.

The person who deserves the biggest shoutout is Jeremy, my host brother. He has been like a brother to me and has helped me settle in this new context, introducing me to all of his friends. We shared a lot of wonderful moments, from going to Disneyland, to going to a Blazers game. The bond I’ve created with him is one of the strongest I have in my whole life.

I’m very glad and happy that I’ve participated in this exchange program, because this has been the best experience of my life. I’m very proud that I was able to overcome the terrible fear I had before leaving Italy and the initial obstacles and struggle I had to deal with. From the bottom of my heart I really thank every single one of you who has made my experience here an unforgettable one. I will miss you.

Matteo Pozza was an Italian exchange student at Cleveland throughout the first semester of the year 2021-2022.