Lil Droosie, Fire or Nah?

Recently junior Alexandru Lechert-Kelly took to a free music sharing website Soundcloud under the moniker “Lil Droosie” and released three songs. The school was abuzz for weeks following the dropping of  songs that included “Poetic Fumes,” and “Shattered Mirrors.”

Since then Lil Droosie has been steadily dropping hits on Soundcloud. He followed his original three hits with two more in the same week. He dropped his most recent on March 30, titled “Last Episode” in which he spits over the beat used on “The Next Episode” by Dr. Dre.

Lil Droosie speaks mostly of the temptations that take over a young rapper’s life: women and illegal substances.  But, there are times when Lil Droosie spits about real problems, for example, the song “American $pirit.” However, on this track Droosie also tends to rhyme the same words with each other at the end of his bars, which leads to a lot of his verses sounding repetitive. There are also times when he doesn’t rhyme any words for multiple bars. Take this snippet of American $pirit for example: “Hold up wait a minute don’t take your life / Please god please play please god play / I pray to god that my friends don’t die / I pray to god take me instead.”  This leads a listener to believe that Lil Droosie was so encompassed and overwhelmed by his feelings that he couldn’t put a simple rhyme together. While I love to hear rappers who truly rap about their feelings, I wish that Droosie would have done less spoken word and spit more rhymes.

While American $pirit wasn’t the best lyrically, there are plenty of Lil Droosie songs that show Droosie in his natural habitat, straight flowing about his favorite things. His most played song, “Shattered Mirrors,” has over 1,000 plays. The best line in the song is a shoutout to where Droosie comes from: “Wait a minute God, Cleveland gold.” Lil Droosie uses clever wordplay to tell us that he is the best from Cleveland (Cleveland gold). He then relates gold to a pirate, which tells the listener that Droosie is so tough he could even take on a pirate and tow his ship. The next line is a play on words about poker which tells us that even though the stakes are high for him, he won’t back down. He finishes off the verse with telling us that any girl he is with is brave.

While there are some Lil Droosie tracks that are underwhelming, any time Droosie drops a track all of Cleveland gets hyped. Late on April 5 Lil Droosie released a 12-second preview of his first song to have a featured artist, Cleveland senior Nick Hull, with “coming soon” in the tags. If it is anything like the rest of his work, expect an anthem with a hard beat and simple rhymes with complex underlying meanings that you can bump whenever.