State Ski Results


Clarion photo Mike Juliana

Reid Hofmeister competing for Eastside Ski Team

The Eastside Ski and snowboard season has concluded. The Cleveland boys team finished third in the League, which qualified them to compete at the state championships. Josh Johnson placed second overall in the league and Reid Hofmeister placed eighth. At the state race the Cleveland boys team placed ninth in the team SL.
Cleveland had plenty of representation at the state snowboarding championships with 20 athletes qualifying. Benny Cohen won the state championship in slopestyle, and Prue Bailey placed sixth in slopestyle; Kaja Lommen placed fifth in halfpipe, and Soren Lommen placed ninth in halfpipe. The Cleveland girls halfpipe team (Kaja Lommen, Trinna Conroy, Prue Bailey, Sophia Hall) placed first and won the team halfpipe state championship.