School Spirit Officially Kicks Off With Fall Assembly


Clarion photo Eli Hood

Members of the Tenacity dance team perform at the fall kickoff assembly Sept. 22

On Thursday, Sept. 22, Cleveland High School hosted a fall kickoff assembly in the gym. The assembly was organized by the school’s leadership team, by students for students. The assembly helped promote school programs with performances from fall sports captains and the dance team. It was meant to lift school spirit and build hype around Cleveland’s sports teams.

The assembly featured versus games played by athletes from Cleveland’s various sports clubs. The first game was tug of war, which really got the crowd going with cheers coming from all around the gymnasium. After that, the dance team performed a short recital that recalibrated the crowd and gave us a preview of what they have been working on.

The captains of the football and volleyball teams then played “hungry hippos,” a game where the team captains laid on skateboards and tried to grab as many balls as they could with a basket.

The assembly was relatively short with it ending a few minutes before planned. Jessica Sawyer, the director of advanced leadership, said that she was proud of what they were able to accomplish in the time that was allotted for the rally.

Students were happy that they could have a break from their regular classes but had some complaints nonetheless. One student, Gavin Hanel, said that “it was a mess getting in and out of the gym,” adding that it was too cramped sitting so close to the other students.

As the first assembly of the new school year, it will be used as a benchmark for the assemblies to come throughout the year.