Clinton Street Plaza

Clarion photo Cassius Geske
The Clinton Street Coffeehouse on 26th and Clinton.

On the corner of Clinton Street and 26th, four blocks down from Cleveland High School, Clinton Street Coffeehouse has become a popular spot for students during all hours of the day. This location has also been part of a collective effort from neighboring businesses as they prepared for shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The area is known as a ‘street plaza,’ which is located on Clinton and 26th, and across the street from Clinton Street Coffeehouse. It’s been open since Aug. 1, 2020. The block is only accessible to pedestrians and cyclists, as a way to expand more outside dining during the pandemic. On weekends, it is a busy place for all of the neighboring businesses. Clinton Street Coffeehouse has outdoor seating, which faces that block.

Gianna Leider is a Cleveland junior student, who lives near Clinton Street and has been going to the coffee shop since she was seven years old. The accessibility of her house and the school makes it an ideal spot to get work done.

“It’s a really cozy atmosphere and the girls there are really polite and kind. It’s also very easy to focus, and they have good… good, a** bagels,” Leider said.

She also believes that there is a great sense of community. “It’s all the neighborhood combined into one store,” she said.

Chloe Isaacman is a senior at Cleveland who has been going to the coffeehouse since her junior year. One of her friends, a frequent customer, recommended the spot.

“It’s really comfy. I really like the environment, the people there are really nice, and the food is cheap too,” Isaacman said. “I feel a connection to the people around me — it’s a good place to people watch, very homey.”

Isaacman usually finds herself at Clinton Street Coffeehouse one to two times a week in the afternoon during her free period. She’s also known to be there till closing at 5 pm.

Also part of the ‘Clinton Street Plaza,’ are businesses like Magna Kusina, Clinton Street Record & Stereo, Broder Cafe, and Clinton Street Theater. All of these places share the outdoor space for people to enjoy eating food safely, even now when face masks are no longer mandated.

Evie Miller, a junior at Cleveland High School, frequently passes by on her way to and from school. “There’s always people enjoying their freedom and accessibility. I also see students having fun after school with their friends,” she said.

For now, Clinton street plaza is still a large part of the neighborhood, and will continue to be a place for customers to enjoy food and one another.