Kurtis Conner vs Cody Ko

Who is funnier and makes more entertaining content?


Clarion photo Julia Vogel

Kurtis Conner (left) versus Cody Ko (right)

In recent years, YouTube commentary videos have skyrocketed in popularity, specifically comedy-based content. Within this category, two of the most well-known creators are Kurtis Conner and Cody Ko. Their similar humor and styles of videos draw big audiences of teens and young adults who keep up with their podcasts, stand-up comedy tours, and videos. However, there is much debate among their fans regarding which of the two makes funnier, more entertaining content. Since humor is subjective, we first need to look into their pasts.

Kurtis Conner was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, where he still lives today. He started gaining fame around 2013 through his videos on Vine. Kurtis began posting on YouTube when the Vine app was taken down, where his following continued to watch his comedy. Currently, he tours in North America doing stand-up comedy, and posts on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Additionally, he stays loyal to his Toronto fan base by performing his stand-up more frequently in the local area.

The similarities between the two are uncanny. Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk (Cody Ko) was also born in Canada and started to attract an audience on Vine in 2014. Like Kurtis, Cody turned to YouTube to continue his content, ranging from rap songs to commentary videos to podcast episodes. Cody has also done multiple stand-up comedy theater tours, but their main difference is that Cody’s past is a lot more problematic. He has said numerous slurs targeting people of color, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ community. After being called out with video proof, he posted a brief written apology on his social media.

Not only are their pasts similar, but Kurtis and Cody essentially produce the same content on their channels. They collaborate with other YouTubers and post commentary on videos while they watch. For example, they’ll watch an episode of a cringey dating show and joke about it, or read “I’m not like other girls” tweets and make fun of them.
However, the way in which they go about their content is pretty different. Kurtis uses his platform to amplify his leftist views through his commentary and jokes. He is more of a feminist and consistently makes fun of sexist “alpha males,” which could be one of the reasons that he has a majority female audience.

On the other hand, Cody’s content lacks sensitivity and is more out of pocket. Generally, the videos he makes with his girlfriend, Kelsey Kreppel, are funnier and more animated. They collab together quite consistently and have entire series like “Couples Cringe” dedicated to making content together.

Like Cody, the videos Kurtis makes with other YouTubers are usually funnier than the ones he makes alone. But the main thing that many Kurtis fans dislike are his skits included in each video. They tend to go on for too long, usually aren’t funny, and come to awkward and abrupt ends. Also, his sense of humor relies on popular memes and sound effects, which can get old.

With that being said, Cody is less funny when he makes videos alone compared to when Kurtis makes videos alone. Cody’s solo videos are susceptible to lacking substance, and I opt to watch his collabs with his girlfriend or his friend Noel Miller. Furthermore, his offensive past can make it hard to find some mildly sexist jokes even remotely humorous because they don’t always seem like jokes.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, there is no clear answer to who is funnier. They both have positives and negatives, concerning their humor or their personalities. So, between Cody’s problematic past and Kurtis’ inconsistency, we can conclude that Noel Miller is the funniest commentary YouTuber.