Grover’s: ‘It’s Lit Everyday’

The student store has reopened after several years, offering merchandise and snacks and drinks

Clarion photo Minying Zhen
The student store managers.

Cleveland’s student store “Grover’s” is back after over a decade of hiatus!

“I’m beyond excited!” said junior Boone Koozer.

Throughout the 2021-22 school year, Cleveland’s business class students, under the direction of business teacher Jacob Redmond, took initiative to plan the reopening of Grover’s. In December of 2022, their hard work paid off and the student store is officially up and running.

Grover’s is open during lunch on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Thursdays, along with every flex period. They have a wide variety of candy, snacks, beverages, and clothing. Chips, rice krispy treats, and assorted candy are all $1, gum is $1.25, candy bars are $1.50, and drinks are $2. Merchandise ranges from $1.50-$25. All the proceeds go back into funding for the store.

¨The store is cash only for now, but we’re working to change that in the new year,’’ said Sophie Poundstone, one of four vice presidents. A card system is expected to be in place by next month.

Also sold at Grover’s is a variety of Cleveland merchandise. These pieces range from ¨Warrior pride¨ gear, to Jan Watt t-shirts. Students involved with the store reached out to the Building Consent Culture and screen printing classes for these merch contributions.

¨Everyone’s involvement in the store has really helped bring our Cleveland community together,¨ said Poundstone.

So far, Grover’s has received a lot of positive feedback from students and staff. Junior Skyler Mitchoff shared his enthusiasm saying, ¨The student store is the best thing since sliced bread.¨

Vice Principal Sean Murray agrees. ¨I love the student store,” he said. “It’s been a lot of years since we’ve had it, and it’s exciting to have something completely student-run.¨

Grover’s is managed under two presidents: juniors Tyler Moothart and Pannonica Maruna; along with four vice presidents: junior Sophie Poundstone, and seniors Dominic Molchan,  Noah Harms and Amelia Haas.

This team is currently working to expand their inventory by adding more snack and drink options, as well as creating their own merch designs to sell.

“We’re making great progress!” said graphic designer Logan Puppo.

If you’ve got the cash and the time, stop by Grover’s in the cafeteria, next to the yoga room.

“It’s lit everyday,” said Koozer.