New Confidential Advocate Introduced

New Confidential Advocate Introduced to Cleveland Community

Across high schools in the Portland Public School District, confidential advocates can be found. PPS is one of the few school districts that allows students to access these alternative resources.

But what is it that makes confidential advocates different from teachers or counselors? All teachers, counselors, and staff are mandatory reporters. This means that if a staff member is concerned about whether a student has experienced child abuse or neglect, is participating in illegal activities, or is considering harming themselves or others, they are required – by law – to report it. However, confidential advocates have confidentiality privileges protected by Oregon law; they are not allowed to report anything shared with them and are there solely to support students in whatever ways they want to be supported.

PPS released a statement that reads, “Advocates provide individualized, nonjudgmental support to help youth develop coping strategies and can assist with safety planning, attend meetings or medical appointments and/or refer you to other community resources.” There are many things that can be discussed with confidential advocates. They can help if you have questions or needs around relationship safety, sexual harassment, violence, boundries, communication, or if you just need to talk.

Cleveland High School has recently introduced a new confidential advocate into the community. Their name is Rose Gelfand, and they will be in the building in room 237 every Tuesday and Thursday from lunch to 4 p.m. Rose is often brought in by student organizations, clubs, and classes to present on confidential advocacy. Students and staff can request that Rose comes to their classroom/community space and provide information on whatever their community needs.
Rose can also be contacted by text or call at 971-313-1421, or can be reached by DM on instagram, at @PPSConfidential_Advocates.