Everything Scholarships! Class of 2023


Clarion photo Cassius Geske

Cleveland student fills out an application for an scholarship

There are still scholarship programs accepting applications! Receiving scholarship money can help improve your future financially. Make sure to take advantage of these opportunities, as college is expensive and these scholarships can help aid the cost. Cleveland High School counselors have asked the Clarion to share this information.

Here are scholarships Cleveland counselors highly recommend seniors apply to.

The Dream Big Scholarship For first generation college students, a one time 036;2,000 scholarship.

Jiffy Lube “What Drives You?” Essay contest a one time 036;1,500 scholarship.

CCHS Alumni scholarships five, 036;2,500 scholarships.

Humanists of Greater Portland First place receives a 036;3,000 scholarship.

Bailey Passion Scholarship This is for PPS students only with 036;10,000 for up to four students.

2022 Stumptown Scholars Scholarship; due 3/17/2023 at 2pm (036;10,000, over 4 years) PLEASE NOTE: these applications should be submitted to [email protected].

Elda Washer Scholarship for Cleveland and Jefferson HS seniors; open 1/2/22-3/30/23 (2pm Pacific time); this a great opportunity for students that are interested in pursuing teaching the future. Here is the link for the application.

Harrington Family Foundation- Oregon Community Leadership Scholarship: due March 10, 2023; an amazing, need-based scholarship, focused on community involvement and including ongoing mentorship; 036;4000/ year to total 036;16,000.

There are so many more scholarships open for seniors, to find out more visit the All Things College document. These scholarships are being updated constantly and if you have any questions ask your counselor! An exciting new scholarship has just been created called the Ormseth Scholarship. It offers a $10,000 scholarship to a Cleveland High School senior to help fund their undergraduate degree. To qualify, seniors must have an “exceptional high school record,” including a high GPA. The strongest applicants will have academic honors and awards and take IB courses. Applicants also must have proof of admission and acceptance to a four year institution. The essay for this scholarship should be “not more than 750 words that discusses one of the following: (a) a career goal the applicant intends to pursue after graduating from Cleveland, (b) a personal experience that taught the applicant an important life lesson, or (c) an essay topic of the applicant’s choice that reflects the applicant’s commitment to leadership, personal integrity, or improving the Portland community.” Seniors, if you are interested, you have until April 1 to submit the essay.

An important reminder is that March 1 is the deadline for the OSAC application. OSAC is the Office of Student Action and Completion in Oregon. This government office can help support students in Oregon with the cost of attending institutions of postsecondary education. If you are interested in applying for scholarships, this website has some to pick from. CCC scholarship website.