Upper Classmen Conquer Versus Assembly

Clarion photo Irelin Barta
Junior Lucas Benzien answers a question about the history of Cleveland, while teacher Eric Levine and student Drew Sykes are amazed in the quiz portion of the assembly.

Cleveland hosted the Versus assembly in the gymnasium on Friday, March 24. The assembly sent the school into spring break with a bang, with many performances and contests bringing the whole school together.

While most of the activities and games were centered around classes and staff clashing, the goal of the Versus assembly was actually to bring the school together. We saw the creativity of each class come through as they put on their performances to the school. We also watched as class went against class in various games. Contestants from each class participated in games like relay races with their legs tied as they tried to shoot a basketball, musical chairs, and trivia.

Then, underclassmen, upperclassmen, and staff showed off their performances to the school. The underclassmen put on their dance routine from the skit competition, the upperclassmen performed their Magic Mike parody featuring Grover, and the staff did the Cupid Shuffle.

Tom Mason, a junior at Cleveland said, “I appreciate the effort put in by the students who helped make it happen.” The assembly was a great way to celebrate the unity of Cleveland and mark the school year’s transition into spring.