Hot Takes, Part 2


Clarion photo Julia Vogel

Here is the second edition of Hot Takes. All opinions are anonymously from the perspective of your beloved Cleveland student body.







Pita chips – “The perfect crunchy snack with so much potential.” Drunk Elephant bronzing drops – “Ridiculously expensive. Not worth it.”  Rick Owens – “Overdone. Just buy a pair of converse & save your money.” English muffins – “There’s truly nothing more perfect.”
Promposals – “The more extravagant the better.”  Going to Target on Powell – “#banned” Snow Cones – “Disgusting.”  Dinner Parties – “Cutest way to spend time with friends.”
Remodeled Taco Bell on Powell – “$1 baja blast after school special”  Unnecessarily baggy jeans – “Just why. Your pants are muddy.” Vocal Fry – “So cringe. We all know your voice doesn’t actually sound like that.”  Spring – “Almost summer. Everyone’s happy.”
White Eyeshadow – “Been seeing a lot of it. I’m obsessed.” New Miley Cyrus – “Flowers is the worst song ever”  Claw clips – “Still haven’t found one that can actually hold all my hair.” Kiwi – “Major yum.”
Instagram Reels – “My mom loves them. A healthier option because Tik Tok eats your brain.” ` Easter – “What does a bunny have to do with eggs & why have we never talked about it.” Gum- “Everyone’s always asking for gum. I hate gum.” Dalmatian dogs – “So cute it’s crazy. They’re so cool and rare and I can’t wait to have one in the future.”
Chia Seed pudding – “It’s so good for no reason. The best mush.” Going to Burgerville during lunch – “Overdone. Health is wealth.” Dior Lip oil – “It’s 40 dollars” Pinterest – “Holy grail app.”
2018 youtube – “Take me back to 2018 Dote girl vlogmas. Summer Mckeen & Hannah Meloche run my life.” Running across Powell – “There’s crosswalks for a reason. One day you’re gonna get hit. Then what?” Nike Techs – “Overdone. You can’t just wear a tech everyday and call it style.” VSCO – “Having no posts and then linking your vsco in your bio is such an aesthetic. So cute.”
Drake – “King.” Pie – “Ew bro” Nike Dunks – “Just not cute anymore.” Panda Express – “So good it brings me to tears. My favorite food.”
Juice – “So refreshing and delicious. YUM!.” JNCOS – “I feel like the trend is just dying out. People have moved on.” Legally parking – “If you’re not parking on the wrong side of the street or blocking a hydrant, what are you doing?” Daisy Jones & the six – “Life changing show and book.”
2014 aesthetic – “Good times. Livin was easy.”  Spamming insta story just for highlights – “Unnecessary and unnatural. Post pics when they happen.” Free People – “If it was half the price, it wouldn’t be overrated.” Having a party trick – “You never know when you’ll need something cool to show people. It’s actually awesome.” 
Taking calls during class – “I don’t care where I am, I’m answering the phone.”  Nike – “Been over. Not cute.” Studying – “It doesn’t work & I don’t believe in it. Normalize winging it on tests.” Hanging out in Ceramics – “Best place in the school.”
Colored shoes – “So cute and fun. Yay!” Parking in the lot – “Please stop. Insanely embarrassing.” Acting like you don’t care – “We know you do so stop. You don’t seem cool.” A deck of cards – “You never get bored. You can do so much with it.”
Colored Mascara – “Obsessed!” Stanley Cups – “it was a very fast trend, it’s pretty much over now” Sororities and frats – “Painfully cringe and  outdated. Super Culty” Wii mini games – “It’s just so happy. Go make yourself a mii on the wii and then we can talk.” 
Reading the Clarion – “Self explanatory”  Sitting in a circle on the bathroom floor – “Please stop.” Tanning beds – “Gives you cancer.” Pitch Perfect – “Best movie ever. The whole soundtrack is perfection.”
Purchasing a Yearbook- “Memories that will last a lifetime.” Sagging your pants – “Pull up your damn pants.” Standardized Testing – “Ew” Red velvet cake – “Truly incredible.”
Buzz Cuts for summer – “It’s hot out here, cut that hair!” Debbie Downers – “Ruin the mood.” Snapchat- “it’s just getting old.”  Sherbet – “It’s so good! Literally the definition of underrated.”
Adidas – “They’re having their moment.” IB exams – “Stressful and overwhelming.”  Steve Lacy- “he’s a brat.” Bell peppers – “WITH HUMMUS”
Seniors submitting their future plans to the CHS decisions instagram account- “It’s so exciting to see where everyone is ending up.” Having your caps lock off- “Stop trying to be aesthetic”  Fruit roll up ice cream trend- “Looks gross and sticky.” The show “Friday Night Lights” – “Perfect. No words.”
L.A. Love (la la) [ft. YG] by Fergie – “It’s the song of the summer. Been stuck in my head for months. “ Any flavor of yerba matte that isn’t mint- “actually foul.” Bananas – “VILE. Disgusting.” Making friendship bracelets – “so cute and such a good way to pass time.”