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End of an Era: Target set to close on Oct. 21

The Powell store near Cleveland is one of three Portland area Targets scheduled to close
Clarion photo Darby Whorton
The Target on Powell is one of three Target stores to close in Portland, and one of nine stores nationwide. It is scheduled to close on Oct. 21.

Target will close their store on Powell on Oct. 21 citing problems with “theft and organized retail crime.”

Due to the closure, Target has implemented discounts that started at 50 percent and have now reached up to 75 and 90 percent for many items.

In total, Target is closing nine stores across the country, three of which are in Portland. Stores in San Francisco, Seattle, and New York are also closing.

According to teacher Nathan Pier, the stealing from Target shows a wider problem in Portland. “Thirty percent of the closed Targets are in this metropolitan area. We need to take a hard look at the reasons why that is happening and what we can do to change it, because you can’t just look at this like it’s a nationwide problem,” Pier said.

Theft from Target has been a problem for years. However, it reached its breaking point last year when all students were banned from entering Target during school hours. The ban did not continue into this school year, but the shoplifting problem was hardly impacted.

Students themselves acknowledge that this is a problem.

“Everyone does it [steals]. It’s a habit. It’s a tradition,” said senior Connor Smeller.

“I think the closure was justified,” agreed sophomore Kai Jensen.

This problem will likely influence what will replace the Target building and who is willing to set up shop there.

Junior Jaxson Sirokman claims, “I mean, if they put another store there, there’s probably just going to be theft again.”

Although the replacement remains unclear, students certainly have their own opinions,

“Well, as a bowler, I’d love it if they went back to the alley–that’s just my opinion,” said Sirokman, referring to the bowling alley prior to Target taking over the space.

Target was a nearby option for food, and the closure is limiting student choice. “We need more food there. Maybe something healthier than McDonald’s,” argued Jensen.

The past week, many students have taken advantage of the discounts Target has offered, stocking up on snacks.

Fitz Ruecker, a senior, said he bought a lot of food for a 60 percent discount. “I got Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, a Kit Kat, Rice Krispie bar, and two bags of trail mix for six bucks. It was a good deal,” he said.

Ruecker said he was a little sad to see Target go. “A little bit, only because I can go there and refill my gum stash,” he said.

Regardless of what replaces Target, many students will likely have to change their routines.

“I might go down to the market two blocks beyond Target or go to the pantry down the road. But other than that, I might start bringing a little extra money and going to places like Chipotle,” said Sirokman.

Other nearby businesses such as McDonald’s and Burgerville may see this as an opportunity to gain more student support as students are forced to branch out.

This shutdown will deeply affect the culture and environment of the school, and the views of potential businesses in the area. From Cleveland students themselves and the neighborhood at large, it is unsure how the community will adjust, but it will certainly shake up the area as we know it.

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