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What Would YOU Do With $1.3 Billion Dollars? CHS Students and Staff Respond

Clarion photo Weston Whisnad
Mr Mirsepassi

The fourth-largest Powerball jackpot, worth $1.3 billion, was sold to a person living in Northeast Portland. Lottery officials announced the April 6 drawing winner after a delay in the verification process. With the odds of winning the jackpot at one in 292.2 million, and being from Portland, this led us to think: what if it was one of us? What would YOU do if you won a billion dollars? This is what Cleveland students had to say:

Shea Appleyard, junior:

Shea Appleyard (Clarion photo Weston Whisnad)

“My uncle is an accountant, so first I’d call him, which would be his dream. I feel like I’d be so starstruck. I wouldn’t tell anyone besides my close friends, but I wouldn’t want that getting out because that feels so dangerous. People get murdered and robbed over that kind of thing. I’d also probably hire a stock analyst to invest in stock. I’d buy a good amount of Brandy pj sets and plan my senior trip and then use some for college too.






Grant Kloeppel, senior:

Grant Kloeppel (Clarion photo Wes Whisnad, Graphics Lloy Bartolotti)

“I would build a ranch and spend like 0.7 billion dollars on whatever I need like paying off loans and stuff. Then I’d probably put a 1 billion dollar parlay on wheelchair tennis. Good odds.”







Paisley McIntyre, junior:

Paisley Macintyre (Clarion photo Weston Whisnad)

“I would buy a house in Thailand and get a whole bunch of dogs. Also I would hire people to take care of them while I’m traveling. Basically, I would just travel a bunch.”







Logan Puppo, senior:

Logan Puppo (Clarion photo Weston Whisnad)

“With $1.3 billion I would put half into my savings account to make sure I always have some money. Then I would buy 2 houses, one in London so I can go watch Chelsea play whenever I want to, and the other would be somewhere tropical so I can always go swimming. I would also make sure to buy a McLaren. Then I’d probably get season tickets for Chelsea and the Boston Celtics, box seats for both.”





Malia Waiwaiole, senior:

Malia Waiwaiole (Clarion photo Weston Whisnad)

“I’d give some to my mom, my dad, and my grandparents. I’d also probably give some to Weston Whisnand. I’d also probably move to Hawaii and donate some of it.”







Eric Mirsepassi, English teacher:

Mr Mirsepassi (Clarion photo Weston Whisnad)

“I would give everybody close to me $1 million dollars to start. I would buy all my loved ones houses and go on a bunch of trips. Definitely try to keep my name out of the news as much as possible. Maybe I’d give $50,000 dollars to every student I had taught that year. I’d invest a bunch of it so that it keeps on making money. At this point, now that I’ve already done the good things, I’d probably get a pilot’s license.”

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