Cleveland senior honored by Young, Gifted, and Black program


Recently, a Cleveland student was inducted in the Young, Gifted, and Black program. This student, Michaella Joseph, is a senior and a member of the state championship winning speech and debate team and won the honor for her outstanding academic work.

The Young, Gifted, and Black program honors talented students from kindergarten to high school. The program aims to tell these students’ stories, and hopes other students will take heed to these inspirational people. Out of 180 student nominations, only Michaella and 23 others were finalists. These students were recognized at the PPS district building on May 14.

Joseph spoke highly of the event. She says that her brother won the same honor four years ago. She also says at the event, she and the other finalists were interviewed by Carolyn Leonard, a retired PPS administrator, and that the finalists got their own portraits.

There is still mystery over who nominated Joseph for this prestigious honor. “I have no idea,” said Joseph.