Boys soccer shuts out Newberg 2-0


By Anna Rollins, Reporter

The boys’ soccer team (1-1-0) defeated the Newberg Tigers (2-1-0) Tuesday, Sept. 8, finishing with a clean sheet of 2-0.

They led with early fire, dropping one into the goal in the second minute. Sophomore Loic Baures got a cross from senior right back Shane Kirkpatrick and found space to get the ball past the Tigers goalie raising the Warriors to a 1-0 lead.

“We had a complete 80 minute performance,” said coach Scott Killen.  “We did not let the other team’s strategy dictate what we did, we kept our focus.”

Possibilities were prosperous in the second half and the play was brutal. In the 60th minute sophomore Andrew Martinez accidentally punted a speed demon into the face of a Newberg player leaving him face down on the ground and earning Newberg a direct foul kick. There were two yellow cards shown through the game.

Cleveland ended the second half with 10 shots on goal. In the 56th minute, sophomore Paetin Gibbons chipped the ball, sending it over the goalie’s head and raising the Warriors to a 2-0 win.

“What I want to tell the Cleveland fans is, their support has been amazing,” Killen said. “That energy from the fans spurs the guys on to do what they need to do to win.”