Opportunity Alert: dare to go abroad

You could be here: the beautiful campus in British Columbia

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You could be here: the beautiful campus in British Columbia

By Annalena Eckton, Reporter

It’s full on college search season for seniors, and a good time for juniors to start contemplating future plans as well. The U.S. has such a hefty list of colleges that high school students generally don’t think to explore international possibilities. For the free-spirited interested in globetrotting, I urge you, think outside the box. Canada and Britain are two regions with top tier universities that do not pose a language barrier. U.S. students also qualify as international applicants, therefore qualifying for a slew of scholarships. The progression from high school to college, childhood to adulthood, is one of the biggest transitions one experiences in the first half of their life; why not take it one step farther? Go for that stamp in your passport.

For the Canadian inclined:

A representative from the University of British Columbia will visit Cleveland on Monday, Sept. 21 – Juniors and seniors can sign up on Naviance for a pass to leave class and engage in discussion. College visits are great opportunities to speak in small groups with an expert on that particular institution. Plus, that very rep may be the one reading your application months later, if you choose to apply.

UBC has two campuses (the larger in Vancouver and smaller in Okanagan) with close to 60,000 students in total. They offer two main merit scholarships for international students: The International Major Entrance Award, renewable for up to all four years, and The Outstanding International Student Award, a one-time entrance scholarship. To be eligible for these scholarships, seniors must apply to UBC before Jan. 31.

UK study resource:

Across the Pond – A group of 35 top British universities fund this program dedicated to helping American and Canadian students navigate studying in the UK. The service is completely free and only requires a quick, online sign up with basic information. From there you are paired via email with a student advisor who has studied in Britain. These advisors offer first hand advice on all aspects of the application process, inside knowledge on the experience of studying abroad, finances, and recommendations for schools and programs that correlate with your interests.

British scholarship spotlight:

Sheffield Hallam University, located in South Yorkshire, England, offers Transform Together scholarships to academically strong international applicants. Scholarship winners receive 50 percent off tuition for each year of undergraduate study, and the international students who don’t earn the scholarship get an automatic discount of $1,000.

For more current information about college, scholarships, and job opportunities, stop by the CCC and talk to one of the trained volunteers.