New Technology at Cleveland

By Ellie Mortenson and Isabella

As the years go on, technology isn’t only becoming a big part of the world, but it’s beginning to take over freshman academy, as well. Google Classroom is one of the most efficient ways to communicate with students, especially when teachers lack one classroom to call their own. Not only does this new technology help teachers to communicate with students more effectively, but it’s easier for them, too.

“Google Classroom is a good place for the students to put everything so I don’t get a bunch of emails from them,” says Sadie Adams, who teaches Modern World History in Tillamook academy. “I can post things so I don’t have to make copies, which saves trees.”

Not only is Google Classroom environmentally friendly, but it’s also extremely convenient to access. Google Classroom is linked to your Google account, so you can use it from your computer, your phone, and anywhere else you can log into your account.

Google Classroom has many different features, all organized and easy to use. Not only is it a place for students to turn work in, but for teachers to communicate with them. Teachers can post assignments and announcements with outside links all in one place.

As for students who may not have access to technology at home, teachers ensure they have plenty of class time to work on assignments. Last year, this wouldn’t have been possible because there were limited amounts of computers, so it was hard to get much lab time. This year, however, Cleveland has added mobile Chromebook labs for classrooms to use, making it possible for students to finish more assignments in class.

“The IT guys assessed what we have and what we didn’t,” says IT Coordinator Anson Bollinger, who is in lab 266 and very involved with the new chrome labs. Bollinger says that right now, the school wants enough mobile computers to match the number of students. “That’s obviously a stretch, though, it’s not going to happen anytime soon.”

To make up for that, though, Cleveland already has three new mobile chrome labs, and two more new ones are on the way, as well. There is one per floor where teachers can check them out and use them for their classes, making them easily accessible.

In addition, teachers can expect to sign up for computer lab time in the library, room 266 and 300 for the full class period starting in November. With the additional Chrome labs, there is less demand on computer lab time, Bollinger said.