Noteworthy changes in the presidential candidates

By Bart Brewer, Reporter


Hello there, and welcome to the second presidential race update. Even though it’s only been a few weeks since the last discussion, so much can and has happened in the presidential race that there’s already a bunch of new updates to tell you guys about. Now, while the last issue focused solely on the candidates themselves, we’re going to branch out and look at some things that have been going on behind the scenes, as well as some of the candidates. Well, enough stalling, let’s get started.


Joe Biden not entering the race.

Joe Biden announced on Oct. 21 that he would not be running in the 2016 presidential race, leaving many people surprised. The announcement ended the months of speculation that had come before it, leaving many wondering why he wasn’t running. Biden told the public that the window for him to run a successful campaign “has closed.” He also mentioned his family is still grieving from the loss of his son, Beau Biden, to cancer. With Joe Biden not running, it just leaves Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to fight for the Democrat nomination.    


Ben Carson…just…just no.

Ben Carson, what happened to you? You used to be such a good candidate, probably one of the best on the Republican side. You had decent ideas, were doing pretty well in the polls, and most importantly, you didn’t say anything offensive that was outside of the conservative agenda. *sigh* But all that changed in the past couple months, with Carson saying things that would make Donald Trump jealous. Sure, there are the usual things like talking about how being gay is “a choice,” or how we shouldn’t implement harsher gun laws. But then you get to the really offensive stuff, like how we shouldn’t have a muslim president, or how we currently live like Nazi Germany, or when he said Obamacare is not only worse than 9/11, it’s worse than slavery. Ben Carson…just…just get it together man.


All of the dropouts (so far)

So far, there have been four dropouts in the presidential race, two on the Democrat side and two on the Republican side. Here they are, along with the candidate’s reasons for dropping.

Rick Perry, Republican: Perry dropped out of the race on Sept. 11, after suffering from financial issues in his campaign.

Scott Walker, Republican: Walker dropped out of the race on Sept. 21, after his fundraising couldn’t keep up with the amount of spending he was doing.

Jim Webb, Democrat: Webb dropped out of the race on Sept. 20, citing that he didn’t feel comfortable running as a Democrat. He is considering running as an independent.

Lincoln Chafee, Democrat: Chafee dropped out of the race on Sept. 23, saying that part of the reason he dropped out was because Hillary Clinton had had a “good week.”


Well there you have it, some more updates on the presidential race. I hope you learned something about the race, and I hope you read the next update whenever we do a third one of these…and a fourth…and fifth…*sigh* elections take too long.