100 Warriors of Cleveland High School

By Emily Diamond, Editor-in-Chief

Following the theme of the 100th graduating class, the Clarion is introducing a new feature series called 100 Warriors. Inspired by Humans of New York, a photo and journalism series featuring people and their stories, 100 Warriors will have a media focus as well as a print presence. On the Clarion instagram—@chsclarion—we will be featuring a new Warrior every week. Out of those Warriors, one will have an in-depth feature, including a video and an article in the newspaper.

The emphasis of 100 Warriors is learning about the students at Cleveland. You don’t need to have an extreme talent or a special project you’re working on; you simply need to have a story to tell.

The Clarion will be searching for Warriors with interesting stories to share, but we are also open to suggestions. Direct message the Clarion Instagram, talk to our editors, or put a name in the 100 Warriors manilla envelope outside the newspaper room (368) for suggestions. It is the Clarion’s goal to learn more about the students that comprise Cleveland. We want to hear about your experiences and adventures, challenges and passions, embarrassing and influential moments, or anything else you may want to share.