Tastebuds: Cafe Broder


Clarion photo Emily Diamond

Eggs and potato at Cafe Broder

By Emily Diamond, Editor-in-Chief

Brunch: the perfect match between a lazy weekend breakfast and a hearty mid-day meal. Café Broder, a restaurant on 25th and Clinton and open everyday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., offers delicious and healthy brunch options.

Upon entering, I was struck by the unique layout and hip, Portland feel. Instead of tables scattered throughout the restaurant, the two-person wood tables line up in one row, which fits the narrow and long space. The booth along the left side of the restaurant, small tables, and rustic furniture create an inviting and friendly vibe, albeit it felt a bit squished—I could easily hear the conversations on either side of me.

Once I sat down, I was quickly greeted by a waiter. I decided to split two baked egg scrambles with one other person. The dishes each came with walnut toast and a choice of a side; I chose the potato pancake.

The unique ambiance of the restaurant matches the distinct presentation of the food. Each scramble was served in a mini pan with a cute, decorated cover on the handle. The main entree and the side dish came on a wooden tray, a creative alternative to the regular plate.  

The fun arrangement was only the beginning to a wonderful meal. All the dishes were extremely warm and comforting. One scramble was made with roasted broccoli, gouda, and smoked onion, while the other was with smoked trout, bacon, chevre cheese, and marble potatoes. Each scramble amounted to a perfect combination with the fresh eggs and extra ingredients. My favorite food, however, was surprisingly the side dish. The potato pancake immediately melted in my mouth. It was filling, warm, and had a distinct nutmeg flavor.

The prices are a bit steep—each scramble was $12 and most dishes range from $9 to $13—but the quality food is filling and delicious, plus the service was relatively quick.  

I recommend coming here with one another. The restaurant setup is perfect for two people, plus you can share a couple dishes and get a taste of everything. Some other food options include sliced apple fritters, served with pork apple sausage, two baked eggs, sour cream and syrup; Lefse, which are Norwegian potato crepes; and Aebleskiver, Danish pancakes which come with homemade lemon curd and lingonberry jam. The couple next to me ordered the Danish pancakes, and after looking at the round balls with sprinkled sugar on top, I am surely going to order that next time.

If you are looking for a welcoming, hip brunch place located close to Cleveland, come to Café Broder; it won’t disappoint.