Before You Graduate!!!

Five Minutes with a Mural

By Jared Watson

So many people, it seems, go through their life without stopping to truly look at their surroundings.  We spend six hours a day at Cleveland, five days a week for four years, yet many of us still don’t know all of its secrets.  In this new addition to the Clarion, each issue I will present to you a new location, one you must go to, before you graduate!


This week, we’re introducing something that is perhaps not unknown. In Cleveland, we have many beautiful murals across the halls of the east wing, yet have you really stopped to look at them? They make for a wonderful backdrop for any occasion, be it a lunch date or a particularly spicy selfie.  Along with those wonderful opportunities, they’re actually really pretty to look at! I don’t know if they got an up-and-coming picasso or something, but it definitely isn’t something that I pictured in a high school hallway.  Surrounding yourself with the murals in the east wing can make you feel lighter, as it has for me many times, and makes for a nice center-piece in any social gathering.


“The murals in the east wing provide an excellent backdrop for a great afternoon date with a fine young lady.  You can go elegant oceanside, or sophisticated city, take your pick,” says Conor Bergin, a frequent visitor of the murals for the romantic feel he swears it adds to any lunch date.  “It’s a chill vibe.  It’s a great getaway, from the noise of off-campus hotspots.  You can just get away, and have quiet conversation,” Conor smiles.  


As cheesy as it sounds, an act such as admiring these murals can help improve your day.  Let’s face it, Urine-yellow and Grime Green might have sounded like a good idea to cover a school in, but it can make the school seem dreary after a day of wandering around in stupor.  Instead, spending five minutes with one of the murals can give you a happier perception of our school, and put a spring back in your step!  


We rush from class to class, day after day.  Going through the motions, we rarely take a look at the beauty around us.  This time of our lives may not be the golden years, but we can have a hell of a lot of fun stopping to smell the roses.  If we stop and take a second, maybe you too can look back with beautiful memories Before You Graduate.