Trump accuses Cruz of cheating at Iowa Caucus

By Bart Brewer, Reporter

On Feb. 1, the 2016 presidential race went into high gear with the Iowa caucus kicking off the primaries with some major events. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tied on the Democratic side, with people calling it “historically close.” However, that isn’t the biggest event that happened at the Iowa caucus. Ted Cruz was able to win over Donald Trump by four percent, and Donald Trump isn’t happy about it.


Trump decided to voice his anger by taking to Twitter on Feb. 3, saying that Ted Cruz had stolen the election. And he means stolen, as in he believes that Ted Cruz cheated. Trump went on to tweet that he wanted a re-vote for the Iowa caucus, or that Ted Cruz’s results should be nullified. Now you’re probably thinking, “Wow, that’s a pretty big accusation you have there Donald, where’s your proof?” Well, don’t worry loyal reader, Donald Trump has some excellent proof for us.


To start, Trump pointed at the polls, saying that since the polls were in his favor, that proves that Ted Cruz cheated. Ok, listen Donald. Just because the polls say you’re going to win, doesn’t mean you’re going to win. Shocking, I know. It’s as if polls are just predictions of what’s going to happen. I mean, let’s say you are contemplating whether or not you’re going to marry someone. Are you going to go and poll your friends, and then complain when the poll says to ask her but the girl you’re asking rejects you? Because that’s just sad.  


Trump then went and pointed at the Cruz campaign, saying that they told people that Ben Carson was dropping out, and that they should vote for Cruz. This is just false. The Cruz campaign did go around telling people about Carson, but they didn’t say he was dropping out; they said he was taking a break after the Iowa caucus. While this still might seem like a dirty tactic, they got this information from a false CNN report that had come out. So if anything, Trump should be mad at CNN.


Now overall, does this matter that much? Not really. It’s not like Trump is going to get a re-vote in Iowa, that’s just not going to happen. All this does is just further prove that Donald Trump is just a big, loud, bratty toddler looking for attention.