Valentine’s day or Galentine’s day?


Clarion photo Clara Rehmann

Clarion Editor in-Chief celebrating Galentine’s day with sparklers

By Grace benefiel and Kira Rea

Everyone has mixed opinions on Valentine’s Day, whether they enjoy the feeling of love in the air, or hate the sense of loneliness. For some, Valentine’s Day puts pressure on individuals to find the perfect date. However, you never have to look very far for the ones that truly love you. We’ve been questioning why love can only be expressed on one day, and why it is reserved for significant others. We do love the gooey rom-coms inspired by this day, but we believe that your love should be spread to all of your close friends and family, and most importantly to yourself.

    Too often, our culture views Valentine’s Day as a holiday only meant for romantically involved individuals. We are fed up with the notion that not only should there be only one specific day for professing your love, but also that you can’t enjoy this day with your whole squad. It puts a lot of pressure on individuals, especially girls, to find a significant other. We say down with the saying, “It takes two to tango,” and instead embrace the freedom of being single. In the chance that you or your friends do not have dates, celebrate “Galentine’s Day.” Valentine’s Day, but for your gals, is the perfect day for spreading the love with the people you care the most about. There are always great options for bonding readily available to you and your friends. We suggest, for example, taking your fine friends to dinner, eating your heart out and holding each other’s hands during a scary movie. If you’re feeling daring, other popular options include street racing and cooking competitions.

    It’s important to show your closest friends how important they are to you, but try taking a little bit of that love and directing it towards yourself. We all get so caught up trying to please other people and make them feel good. What happened to taking care of yourself? Instead of spending $50 on someone else, spend that money on a bouquet of flowers and a nice dinner just for you. Don’t limit this self-appreciation to Valentine’s Day. Take walks alone, take a bath or hot shower, think about everything you love about you, or eat six doughnuts in one sitting (is that just us?). You deserve to be your own fan club, foam fingers included. Go ahead and buy yourself a delicious ring pop.

    Some say this is the one day to make grand gestures to prove your affection, but come on, Valentine’s Day on a Sunday? Doesn’t sound too special. It would be just as nice to have someone confess their love for you in the middle of the buffet line on a Wednesday night. We’re not saying you should make a huge scene everyday because that could cause irritation among the masses. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t take your boo out for a night on the town on Valentine’s Day. What we’re saying is, showing affection and adoration for your significant other or secret crush should be more spontaneous and less expected to further prove your strong feelings for them. If you truly care about someone, embrace those emotions and shout it from the rooftops.

    Don’t get so caught up in the paper hearts, mushy cards, and boxes of chocolates. Every good thing you give to the people you care about deserves to come back to you. Show your affection whenever you think you should; don’t wait for the one day a year people deem socially acceptable. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating everything you have. Enjoy the holiday and look forward to treating yourself and others from here on out.