Tastebuds: Delicious Tea with a Side of Comfort

By Siana Ramos, Reporter

      Have you ever been inside a magic, crundy cocoon, warm and glowing, while sipping a sweet nectar that tastes like Beyoncé’s tears? If you go to Tea Chai Té, you’ll get pretty close. Recently, I’ve been going to this majestic tea shop located on 13th Ave in Sellwood and it’s honestly changed my life.

      The menu consists of a wide variety of teas and kombucha. They also have a small selection of pastries. Prices range from $3 to $7 dollars depending on your drink size and your choice of getting a pot of tea rather than a cup. I personally always go for a bubble tea. However, I’ve tried quite a few different flavors and types of tea at this sweet place and every single one has blown me away. There’s something for everyone: spicy, sweet, creamy, carbonated. They provide different milk options if you prefer your drinks to be dairy free.

      Tea Chai Té also has a wide range of seating options. You can sit outside at a table, inside at a table, up in a loft-like seating area, and you have the option to sit on comfy warm couches or cushiony chairs. No matter where you sit, you will be immersed in a safe, peaceful environment where soft music plays, hanging lamps glow, and the smell of spices and sweetness swirls around you. The employees here also contribute to the soothing environment by being so friendly and kind. Another amazing thing about this place is that it has a couple of journals that float around the shop, filled with messages and art by customers. You can look through these journals and appreciate the unique expressions that are on every page, or you can add to them yourself!

      This magical little shop is a great place for really anything. You can come here to get work done, to spend time with people, or to have some relaxing time with yourself. I highly recommend checking it out. They’re open from 9 AM to 9 PM seven days a week. After spending some time in this sweet cocoon of a place, you will emerge feeling refreshed, warm, and most important, full of crund.