Girls basketball advances to playoffs

By Allie Montgomery and Ariel Harmon, Reporters

The girls basketball game against Madison Feb. 23 was not only a win for the night with a final score of 64-49, but a guaranteed, satisfying spot into playoffs as well. With their league record at 8-8, and a fourth place finish in the PIL, it was a good season for the young team.

The three highest scorers were Julia Downing with 22 points, Tynesha Parnell with 20 points and Leija Biberic with 12 points. Collectively, the team was able to get 42 rebounds, 21 steals, and 11 assists.

The win put the young team into the state playoffs, where they had to face the top-ranked Jesuit Crusaders in the opening round. The March 1 game was decided early, and the Warriors’ season ended with a 69-29 defeat.

Prior to the playoff game, head coach Suzanne Washington kept it all in perspective, saying, ““It’s great for this young group of players to get into playoffs. The experience, no matter how we do, will be really good for them. The goal is to bring our best game and adapt to whatever the throw at us.”

The season started out rough for the girls. With a small and fresh team, it took a lot of effort into doing well in games. Although they lost senior Casey Long later on, they continued to throw all of their effort onto the court, resulting in a win-loss record of 8-8 in league and 11-13 overall.

“It was good to win,” said Elsie Kloeppel, freshman, of the Madison game. “We played against an old coach to Cleveland who coaches at Madison and we are able to go to playoffs because of that play. We played hard like we deserved it.”

Although the game with Jesuit is not  what they had hoped, the basketball team still finished strong with a total of 1014 points, 101 three pointers, 699 rebounds and 246 steals. On top of that, they scored a total of 18 player of the game awards, five of them for Julia Downing, a sophomore, and six for junior Tynesha Parnell. All that’s left for these girls is training for next year.