I.B. art showcase highlights great artists


Clarion photo Ian LeGros

Shelby Wong displays a piece of art at the I.B. showcase.

The I.B. Art HL Showcase took place in the Cleveland library on Feb. 22 at 7 p.m. Senior artists exhibited their pieces by arranging finished works of art from the 2015-2016 school year in the library room. Parents, family members, and students attended the viewing to enjoy original works produced by Cleveland artists. This was a wonderful opportunity for students to show off their creative skills after two years of hard work in the art department.  

As part of the I.B. program, taught by Terry Waldron, each senior chose a year-long theme to work with. Using different medias and experimenting with new styles, they created six pieces throughout the year to display at the exhibition. Their pieces from the year before were displayed as well, showing the amount of progress each artist made since starting IB art class as juniors. The exhibition occurs every spring, to honor and commend fellow students who work very hard on their work.

Each artist was assigned his or her own display section, which included a statement explaining a theme. Along with that, under each work was a short description of the piece. The labels help to better understand the meaning of the piece, and give you an insight on what the artist was trying to accomplish.

The works of art created by our seniors this year were truly amazing. With very unique themes and styles, the individuality of each student is expressed well through these presentations. Senior Clancy O’Connor chose to represent different ways in which humans interact with our environment through art. He has drawings of natural subjects and interpretations of people alongside animals.  

The art work can still be seen in the library displayed near the back tables. Many of the pieces produced by the seniors were tangible 3D pieces, such as shoes, a car mirror, slide/flip phones, t-shirts, and other handmade objects. There is a great array of ceramic, painted, drawn, or photographed pieces. Both modern and traditional works can be seen, along with different styles and interpretations of art.

Each piece tells a story, and students were able to share their very original works of art to the public. This displayment gives everyone access and opportunity to see and connect with the pieces. Help celebrate our talented fellow Cleveland students by stopping by the library to witness these unique works!