Bernie Sanders Rally in Portland

By Sophie Brown, Reporter

On March 25, thousands of people greeted Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for a rally at the Moda Center in Portland. Later, social media erupted after a bird flew on Sander’s podium in the middle of his speech.

“I think, I think there might be some symbolism here. I know it doesn’t look like it, but that bird is really a dove asking us for world peace. No more wars!” Sanders declared after the bird flew away. On social media, people used the hashtag “BirdieSanders” to post pictures and memes of the bird.

On the topic of Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate frontrunner, Sanders said, “It would be an unmitigated disaster if someone like Donald Trump became president of the United States. Now, the thought of Trump in the White House brings forth rather strange reactions in our stomach, leading to nausea and other symptoms. But here’s the good news, Donald Trump is not going to become president of the United States.”

He also addressed Trump’s involvement in the “Birther Movement,” a movement to delegitimize President Obama’s citizenship by claiming he was not born in the United States.

“It was not only an insult to the African American community, with Obama being the first African American president, it was an insult to all of us.”

Sanders also addressed the corporatization of politics. Candidates use “super PACs” to fundraise money for their campaign. These are committees that raise unlimited amounts of money from corporations, individuals, unions, or associations, to help political candidates.

“Sadly to run for president today requires to raise hundreds of millions of dollars, that’s the sad truth. And we had to decide, would we form a super PAC and beg corporate America and wall streeters for money? We agreed with you. I’m the only candidate out there that does not have a super PAC, does not want a super PAC, does not need a super PAC,” said Sanders.

The next primary for Sanders is on April 9 in Wyoming. Sanders continues to campaign in the meantime, readying to lead America in the political revolution he promises.