Fresh start for boys lacrosse yields winning results

By Carlin MacMillan, Reporter

The boys lacrosse team started their season off with a practically clean slate. The entire coaching staff for the lacrosse program is brand new and because of this and the talented group of boys the program has, the team is off to a good start. New head coach Matt Curran played lacrosse at Adelphi University in New York, where he won two national championships. Hayden McClellan, new assistant coach, played lacrosse at West Linn and then went to Oregon State. McClellan first became a coach because of his love for the game, and he’s realized that he loves watching the players develop, “It’s really fun to watch and be part of the transformation when players start to click and play together, looking back each year and seeing how far a team has come is something cool to experience and one of my favorite aspects”.The team is at a 3-1 record (as of April 5).  

The new coaching staff is different than it has been in the past, but different is good, says junior Grayson Garbarino. “There’s a good contrast in this year’s coaches to last year’s. Last year’s were good at talking to the players, but this year’s coaches are making us better every practice, every rep,” he said.

Senior captain Jake Heins agreed with the contrast in coaching styles. He explained that there is a significant difference between the coaching they are getting from Curran and McClellan. Curran, with the help of his distinguished lacrosse background, focuses a lot on the little things. “His style focuses on the fundamentals, leaving our offense to be free flowing,” said Heins.  Assistant coach McClellan “has also contributed greatly in taking charge of the defense,” he added.

With the help of the new coaching staff and the mixture of experienced players and fresh faces the team has to offer, Heins said that they are “hoping to start a new era of Cleveland lacrosse”. McClellan agreed, saying that he wants “to develop a culture and to be competitive in doing that”. You can #supportchslax at their next home game on April 14 against Rex Putnam.