Drama student raises lots of cash for his project

FUNRAISING - William Balmer and Jonah Leidigh in a promotional video for LOL.

Clarion photo William Balmer video

FUNRAISING – William Balmer and Jonah Leidigh in a promotional video for LOL.

By Adriana Milian-Hernandez , Reporter

Junior William Balmer has been trying to raise money through indiegogo.com to produce his play “LOL: A Modern Computer Farse” once again, but this time he’s trying to produce it at the Shoebox theater in downtown Portland, June 2-4. Balmer wanted to raise $500 dollars to achieve his purpose. He finally did, and went over by around $300 dollars.

Balmer and his cast achieved the goal by selling tickets through the indiegogo site as well as gathering donations through it. People who are interested in watching the play donated and bought tickets through the site to support the play and the members.

“With the money, I would be able to advertise the show more, and make it a better production, like it was intended to be,” said Balmer.

The show will be a great experience to go and watch because it will have brand new things added to the set such as fixing up the old set, improving costumes, and getting better props. Balmer also intends to pay the personnel involved in the production, from actors to set workers.

“Directing is a blast, but it’s a bit like herding cats,” said Balmer. “I’m never quite sure when I’ve said something too much or when I haven’t said something enough.” However, the reward comes from watching his cast perform, and with this one, he knows they are talented to pull off an amazing show.    

Not just a director, Balmer is fully immersed in the theater world. He will run lights, sound and direct the musical “A Secret in the Wings,” a production from the drama class. But he plans to act in the upcoming fall production of “Les Miserables,” auditioning on June 6.

Don’t miss out out on having the opportunity of going to watch LOL. If you didn’t see it the first time and wanted to, this is your chance to go and see first hand the amazing acting skills our classmates have. Tickets for the all-age comedy are $15 on the     indiegogo website, or you can also purchase tickets the day the show premieres for $10 dollars. They’re more expensive over indiegogo because you get reserved seats, rather than looking around once you bought your ticket for an open seat. You can also talk to Balmer to purchase a ticket.