Eva Bryner Wins Marmoset

By Sophie Brown, Reporter

The Independent Media Production class at Cleveland High School teaches students how to tell stories using production techniques. Recently, the independent media class entered a video competition with an online company called Marmoset. Junior Eva Bryner took home first place with a ‘50s infomercial about the health benefits of sleep.

“We found music on their site, and then put it to the video that we chose to either make a new message, or just make it different,” said Bryner. They then submitted the videos to Marmoset, where they watched them. The students were then invited to Marmoset for a tour and to announce the winners of the competition.

“They had picked three of the videos we had sent them that they liked the best. They played them, and told us what they liked about them, and gave a critique kind of. Then they gave out prizes to first second and third. I got first which was cool,” said Bryner. Bryner won socks, some candies, a shirt, a notebook, and some records.

“All the videos were different. There was one about a tiger chasing a car, it was like a ‘60s ad. Mine was about a ‘50s infomercial about how sleeping is good for you, like they are just random videos,” laughed Bryner. “One was like a cigar advertisement where they were like walking around.”

All the videos can be found online on the Independent Media Production website. Each student makes their own website for the class, which is linked to the main website. Here, you can find their Marmoset videos, as well as other content such as their passion projects.