2016 Freshman Class Elections


By Kira Chan, Reporter

After a long and suspenseful class cabinet election process, congratulations are in order to Kira Swinth, Stephanie Singh, and Alicia Sanders for winning co-class presidents, and vice president, respectively, for the class of 2020.

Excitement and angst surrounded the freshman class as they experienced their first class elections. A sizable turnout of freshmen filed into the auditorium during flex time to listen to and vote for their classmates running for student council. Susie Brighouse, freshman class adviser, as well as Nick Paesler and Gwen Kaliszewski, sophomore class co-presidents, gave opening remarks.

Jess Orkin and Quinn DeLany, Warner Cole and Jett Starr, and Kira Swinth and Stephanie Singh were all candidates for the position of co-presidents. Students listened patiently to each pair of candidates deliver prepared speeches, involving topics of student involvement and voices of the freshman class.

“I was definitely impressed by the speeches; they all acted very confident. I also thought the audience was very respectful of everyone, which is important,” said Kaliszewski.

Vice president had a tight race as well, with Coleman Neher, Alicia Sanders, and Henry Alexander all competing for the role. After the first round of voting, the polls were too close to determine a winner, causing a runoff election between Sanders and Alexander. Ultimately, Sanders won the runoff election and claimed the position of vice president.

Several positions for office went unopposed, with Hannah Strek as secretary, Sydian Mikesell as treasurer, Ryan W. Clarson and Rebekka Purcell as co-publicity representatives, and Maya Cogan as support staff.

With hall decs and homecoming approaching, there’s a lot in store for the freshman class. “I’m excited for them to come together and form a cohesive group,” said Brighouse.