A Re-vote Needed for the Revised Constitution


Colin Stevens grapic.

By Lainie Pennington, Copy Editor

Students will have the opportunity to vote again on the revised Cleveland Constitution in the coming months following discrepancies made during the initial voting process.

The revisions made to the Constitution included raising the minimum GPA requirements for student body and class officers and requiring that prospective student body presidents must enroll in junior/senior leadership, but the student body cabinet no longer needs to be enrolled in leadership class. The revision also includes changes regarding the responsibilities of school clubs.

The plan was for students in the leadership class to visit each English class on Sept. 29 and 30 with a laptop computer for students to vote on individually through the use of Google Forms. “There would be accountability and people watching to make sure only one vote was administered,” said Eric Mirsepassi, activities director, about the original method of voting.

However several classes did not vote with leadership students present, which meant students could have either voted more than once or not at all. These discrepancies became clear when results of the vote revealed that while the majority of students voted yes and reached the two-thirds needed for ratification, an unusually large amount of students did not vote at all.

“The result that we thought we had isn’t accurate because there’s no way to confirm whether or not in certain classes people were voting multiple times or not voting multiple times, so we decided since that was the case we needed throw out the score that we had and hold a re-vote,” said Mirsepassi. “We need to figure out when and how we can hold the vote accurately and ethically.”