Cleveland Clarion Earns Awards at Fall Press Day


Clarion photo Andrew Sorensen

Clarion reporter Bart Brewer (left) along with Editors-in-Chief Conor Bergin (center) and Ashley Lytle (right) pose with their newly received trophies.

By Carlin MacMillan, Assistant Content Editor

Representatives of the Cleveland Clarion, the student-run newspaper, attended Fall Press Day at the University of Oregon Nov. 2. Clarion attendees included Editors-in-Chief Conor Bergin and Ashley Lytle, reporter Bart Brewer, and Clarion advisor Andrew Sorensen. Put on by Northwest Scholastic Press, Fall Press Day is an event that includes workshops, contests, and panels regarding the production of school-sponsored publications such as newspapers and yearbooks. More than 750 students and advisors from the Pacific Northwest attended.

The Clarion entered into some of the contests that the event had to offer. Publications were judged on overall content, technical difficulty, and appearance. Of the two contests that they entered, they placed in both. The Clarion was awarded third place for best overall newspaper and for their website,

The Clarion underwent a revamping for the 2016-2017 school year. Layout editor Anna Rollins created a refurbished look that was meant to change the feel and quality of the paper. The changes included transitioning the size from the classic tabloid to a more compact tabloid. Along with the size alterations, the Clarion is updating their layouts with more artistic flare. These changes were a significant part of the Clarion’s success at Fall Press Day.

Bergin was excited about the awards for the Clarion, saying, “It was cool because there were so many other schools there, schools that were bigger and more funded, and our newspaper did well against them.”