The Grinch vs Frosty the Snowman


Clarion photo Jacquelyn Johnson

The Grinch and Frosty the Snowman battle it out atop the Burj Khalifa.

By Noah Kemper, Reporter

Frosty smiles, his nose and top hat resting comfortably on his rounded head. He’s never felt conflict in his life, only the happiness of excited small children back in the suburbs of the United States. He was created by purity and kindness. He knows nothing of violence or pain, but atop the Burj Khalifa pain might be all he will come to know. Above and all around him are blocks of ice stacked and molded together to form the greatest of igloos. Bleachers extend all the way around the circular room, with hundreds of eager penguins making their presence known. Frosty’s eyes wander until they meet the gaze of his furry, green friend across the room. He shoots a smile the Grinch’s way but gets nothing kind in return, only a stare of utmost furiosity and evil. Frosty finds the yellow eyes rather unsettling, and decides to look away for the time being. The Grinch cackles at Frosty’s gesture of fear and takes several steps forward, his furry feet making noticeable footprints atop the snow covered building. The Grinch moves his eyes upwards and meets the icy top of the large igloo, with the chants of penguins echoing in his ears. It is the middle of the day, the Grinch remembers, and it is quite sunny outside. The Grinch can see rays of sunlight struggling to find its way through some small cracks in the ice. He grins, bounding towards the center of the igloo. Frosty has regained his courage after several seconds of deep breathing and self-inspiring words. He takes the wooden broom off of his back and makes his way towards his now obvious enemy. The chanting and cheers of the penguins have reached extreme levels at this point, with all other sound of the surrounding city being drowned out. As Frosty closes in to the center of the arena, the Grinch plants his feet and charges towards his foe, arms outstretched. Frosty swings his broom directly into the Grinch’s shoulder, spinning him around and sending him backwards onto the ground. The penguin crowd shrieks in excitement, ready for the kill. The Grinch crawls backwards as Frosty the Snowman inches ever closer with his wooden broom. Frosty raises his broom above his head with both arms. Just before Frosty strikes the Grinch leaps up and jumps for the ceiling. HIs enhanced vertical makes reaching the ceiling blocks easy. With both hands he thrusts the top ice block upwards and out of its icy mold. As the Grinch begins his inevitable descent back into the igloo, the sunlight of Dubai streams into the igloo, illuminating all of its inhabitants. Frosty screams, his hands melting above his head as he drops his only weapon. He collapses to the floor as more of the top of the igloo collapses, allowing more heat and light to enter the enclosure. Frosty accepts defeat as his body melts into the floor, all memory of all of his happy past experiences vanishing. The Grinch smiles.


Victor: The Grinch