Versus Final Battle – Crocodile Vs. 100 Robot Squirrels


By Sam Gavitte, Writer

A battle of eras. On one side the crocodile, unchanged for two hundred million years, able to run up to 20 miles per hour, with a bite strength of nearly four thousand pounds, with skin of incomparable thickness, the ultimate predator. On the other the creations of a mad scientist. One hundred robotic squirrels, their artificial bodies rattling maliciously. Facing off in an ancient cavern, their battlefield flanked by pools of molten lava. Who would win, the greatest predator ever evolved or an abomination of creative genius.

The crocodile growled, spittle dripping from his mouth as he eyed the mechanical squirrels. They chartered their red eyes glowing insanely as they began to charge. Programmed to show no mercy by their master, Dr. Junkenstein. The crocodile began to thrash back and forth as the swarm reached him, sending metal in all directions. The squirrels scratched and bit at the primordial hunter but his leather armor was too thick, repelling the brunt of the damage. As the beast threw his body too and throw more and more of the mechanized devils were smashed under its bulk. More still were destroyed at the hands of its claws and teeth. Although weak their numbers began to wear down the crocs defenses and soon blood began to stream from his torn skin. However it wasn’t enough to down the beast as it continued to fight, smashing the last of the robotic swarm between his mighty jaws. As the dust settled the crocodile hunched to the ground, badly wounded but victorious.