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What was it like not being able to check social media every second?

What was it like not being able to check social media every second?

By Ariel Harmon, Reporter

Now that finals have passed, the time to put off our responsibilities and ignore our problems has begun again. If you are having trouble finding something to put your time and effort into that isn’t school work or actual work, my suggestion is to ask you if you happen to feel personally attacked by mainstream media. I mean, there is so much to be enraged by. We have the 2017 Oscar nominations and the Razzies, which are just like the Oscars, but instead of celebrating the best, we celebrate the worst. Now, I am well aware that there are many other things that you might decide are a better waste of your time than the Oscars and Razzies (such as the fact that we can now browse Tumblr on PPS wifi, yet we still can’t go on Netflix? Come on, PPS. Get it together, man) but since most of America takes part in this tedious pastime, it deserves some recognition. The Razzies are just as important seeing that a humongous part of America is making a big deal of things that we didn’t love, but I think everyone should get to pick which movie they think tanked the most.

Before we begin, I would like to point out that I am 98 percent sure that the Oscars are rigged like most things in America, but I think we can still find some joy in anticipating the winners, like we do for other competitions. Now let’s get onto the fun: Deciding based on personal opinion which movie is worth more than the others.

To start off, we have my top picks from the Oscar nominations for best picture.

“Hidden Figures”

Why, you might ask? Because this movie features three women of color who were prominent members of our history with the space race and the advancement of technology. This movie also had amazing cinematography. “Hidden Figures” scores high on my scale with the history bursting from the reel, and the fact that it is one of the few movies that features a majority black cast, and even rarer a movie, that isn’t a romance movie that has the lead characters as women. I am very happy that the women in history are getting portrayed not just as bystanders but as pioneers in their fields.


This movie made me feel grateful for everything I have had the privilege to have. This movie will take your heart and wring it dry for every last feeling you have. I don’t want to make any assumptions but if you don’t feel anything after watching this movie, you might just be heartless.

Now, I am not saying I think these two movies will win ( “La La Land” will most likely win and I have no idea why except that it has gotten good reviews, but honestly, it seems like a movie without a plot.), but if it were up to me I would make these two be the co-winners. Also, I am still a bit mad that some of my favorite movies didn’t get a nomination, like “Deadpool” and my brother’s favorite “Dr. Strange.”


I am a pretty enthusiastic fan of animated movies, and out of the nominations for best animated picture, it was a hard decision to pick my top. Yet, I had to make some decisions.

“Kubo and the Two Strings

Now, “Kubo and the Two Strings” was produced by Laika studios, which is the studio that produced other classics such as “Coraline” and “The Corpse Bride.” This picture was stunning in the animation and the plot. One of the reasons it got a high rating from me was because of the use of origami, which I believe is one of the best art forms, as well as an amazing soundtrack to accompany it.



I think my parents are done with me singing these songs in my tone-deaf voice. This movie was not only good because of the soundtrack, but also because of the plot. I really enjoyed how this was one of the few Disney movies that didn’t feature a love interest. It had Moana, the main character, be the hero all by herself (with the help of a friend).

I think that “Moana” is likely to win this category because it is a Disney picture. However, there are many that are on the same level.

Now, I am well aware that this is not a category in the Oscars, but there should be a category for best moments in a picture. This is because I would like to make my pick on the best scene in this year’s movies.

The best scene for me was in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” in the last two minutes. This was when Darth Vader kicked the living daylights out of the Rebel Alliance. I mean, he destroyed them. It was more like watching a UFC battle with lightsabers then it was like watching any other Star Wars movie.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with my top movies from the Oscar nominated list, however, I don’t want you to have the same opinions as me. The pictures and actor/actress winners don’t mean that a movie is more valid than another it just means that they are like more by a select group of people. Don’t go with the masses, find a movie you enjoy and force all of your friends to watch it. It doesn’t matter if is was nominated for an Oscar or if it won anything.