Math Fest

By Ariel Harmon, Reporter

On April 8, five contestants from Cleveland found their way to Math Fest, a competition testing knowledge from pre-algebra to calculus. Although Cleveland had more competitors signed up for the competition, juniors Josh Bricker and Ariel Harmon, sophomores Miles Takiguchi and Zeno Alexander, and freshman Miles Lomas made the trip along with math teacher Lauren Boubel. Bricker, Harmon, and Alexander competed in the calculus section of the competition while Takiguchi and Lomas competed in the Algebra II section.

Saturday started with a 50-minute math test starting at 9 a.m. After this event, the test competitors received a free t-shirt and had free range to explore the activities that had been set up by the college. The activities ranged from a demonstration of sound waves using music and fire to unlocking locks with clues attached. There was also a 3D printer lab that students could explore.

Out of the three competitors for Cleveland, only Bricker qualified to go on to the state competition at Oregon State University on May 13. Bricker plans to go to the state competition, if scheduling allows.

“I thought it was intimidating but fun! Up until the night before I thought that I possibly wouldn’t go, but I’m glad I did,” said Bricker.

This event has been going on for 37 years and has no plans of stopping soon. If you are interested in competing next year, talk to your math teacher. It is a fun experience and will prove how much math you really know.